We offer dynamic, engaging and unique workshops to teach students to improve their singing, learn how to write lyrics and work together to make their own music. We combine musical expertise with specialised learning techniques to give students an informative, fun and rewarding experience.

Sarah is a poet and rapper with experience in leading numerous workshops and as a tutor in English. The song writing side of the workshop involves an introduction to traditional poetry and a variety of poetic techniques and the flavor how this is also used in modern rap music. Working with the group and with our own expert input, we aim to produce a well written song by the end of each workshop.

Edyta is a musically educated, experienced workshop leader, pedagog and translator with a degree in Sociology. In the singing part of the workshop, we teach the group about the importance of breathing in singing and the importance of general body awareness. Using a variety of fun and engaging exercises, we teach our students how to exploit their full singing potential.

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